About West Coast Lemons
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Get To Know
West Coast Lemons

The Key To Success

The lemon law isn't just part of my practice.
It is my practice.

Some law firms know a little bit about a lot of things. Not me.

I know a lot about one thing- the lemon law.

Lemon Law

100% of my practice is dedicated to representing consumers like you in their lemon law claims. 

That means you get an experienced attorney that specializes in exactly what you need. 

Our Purpose and Values

West Coast Lemons exists to advocate for consumers, regardless of their income, and to educate consumers so that they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families in the future. 

  • People first, profit second
  • Serve our community
  • Educate consumers

the vision

from the beginning

“I’ve always been passionate about fighting for the underdog so it’s no wonder I found my place within the legal world fighting for consumers in their lemon law claims against big name manufacturers. To give you an idea about my background, I have worked for one of the largest lemon law firms in San Diego and later on worked for one of the oldest lemon law firms in Los Angeles. Based on my experiences at both firms I’ve been able to see what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly how to make the experience of having a lemon as painless as possible for my clients. I became an attorney with the goal of being able to help others so when I created my law firm it was important for my mission to stay the same- West Coast Lemons is here to serve you. I’ve set out to create a law firm where clients are informed, cared for, and hopefully come out more knowledgeable about the auto or RV industry than they were before they met me. So give me a call, put my mission statement to the test, and let’s get you and your family out of that lemon!”  

Michelle Fonseca-Kamana

lemon law attorney Serving SOUTHERN California

Whether you’re in Los Angeles or San Diego, or anywhere in between, West Coast Lemons is here for you. 

About Your Advocate & Attorney

Michelle Fonseca-Kamana

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