1. Did You Purchase an RV That Came With A Warranty?

A lemon law case is a breach of warranty case. This means that you may have a lemon if you purchased an RV with a warranty and the manufacturer can't repair your RV after a reasonable number of repair attempts or within a reasonable time.

2. Have you taken Your RV in for repairs several times under warranty but it's still not fixed?

The lemon law requires consumers to give the manufacturer a reasonable number of repair attempts or reasonable opportunity to repair. Depending on how serious your issues are, you may be able to get away with fewer repair visits (or even one very long repair visit) to qualify for the lemon law.

3. Talk To An Attorney

Don't fight the manufacturer alone! If you purchased an RV with a warranty, have had warranty repairs, and your RV is still not fixed, you may have a lemon law case. An attorney at West Coast Lemons can tell if you if have a case, but even if you don't you can walk away with great advice on what could make your RV qualify in the future. The consultation is free so click below to schedule!

Spent your life’s savings on a motor home only to have it literally fall apart on you in the first year? 


Tired of waiting months at a time just to get an appointment at the dealer for repairs? 


Are you frustrated by paying for something the dealership has had more than you have? 


If any of this sounds familiar, you might have a lemon and you have rights. 


There are three main ways to qualify for the RV lemon law:

  • Implied warranty- this means your RV wasn’t up to normal standards within the first year after purchase.
  • Express warranty- you take your RV in multiple times for the same issue and the dealer can’t fix it.
  • 30 day rule- the dealership has your RV for over 30 days for the same repair.
Common cases we handle involve RVs that are at the dealership for 3-6 months for serious, recurring problems. 

No. RV lemon law is much more complicated so if you think your RV is a lemon, make sure to call someone who specializes in RV lemon law like West Coast Lemons!

Usually you’re going to need to have several repair visits, however one long repair visit is becoming more and more common. There’s no magic number of repair visits or days out of service so take advantage of a free consultation with an RV lemon law specialist at West Coast Lemons to see if you have a lemon.

Absolutely not. This is a lie made up by manufacturers to try to trick consumers that don’t know their rights.

The lemon law applies to motor homes and travel trailers which means if you qualify, the manufacturer has to buy your RV back or put you in a replacement RV. If they refuse, make sure to call an experienced lemon law attorney to fight for what you deserve!

If your RV is a lemon, you’re entitled to either a replacement RV or repurchase (also called a buyback) of your current RV.

Based on the current state of the law, a repurchase consists of:

  • Your down payment
  • All payments made towards the loan
  • Your loan payoff

Standard deductions include:

  • Mileage offset which is meant to compensate manufacturers for the “trouble free” miles you were able to drive the RV before you started having problems
  • Service contracts
  • Aftermarket additions

Deductions are much more negotiable within the RV lemon law so make sure to have an experienced RV lemon law attorney to get you the biggest settlement possible!

Unfortunately this is becoming more and more normal but just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it’s right. Manufacturers through their authorized repair facilities (your dealer) have to perform repairs within a reasonable time. Dealer delays in getting your RV in for repairs can be devastating, especially when your total warranty is only one year long. If this is happening to you, make sure to schedule your free consultation today to see what you can do about it!

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