Top Five Tips For Buying A New Car

Now that the COVID-19 lockdowns are starting to wind down, a lot of car manufacturers are giving customers better incentives than ever to buy a new car. Make sure you truly get the best deal on your dream car by following your Southern California lemon law attorney’s top five tips for purchasing a new car.  […]
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The Dangers Of Negotiating With The Manufacturer Alone

Nothing is more frustrating as a consumer protection attorney than seeing consumers get taken advantage of by manufacturers. Often times consumers feel like they can handle these negotiations on their own, and why wouldn’t they- they’re businessmen and businesswomen, fathers, mothers, teachers, entrepreneurs- people that can take care of themselves and their families, right? As […]
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Battle of the batteries

What was once a novel concept has now become a mainstay of the automotive industry with manufacturers across the world embracing the electric vehicle market. Tesla is now seeing serious competition in this market, with the latest being General Motors’ “EV Day” announcement of their new battery with twice the capacity as Tesla’s.  This new […]
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